Superfest International Disability Film Festival


To view and download the Superfest XXVII entry form, please click here.

The entry form can be viewed in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, .xls (Microsoft Excel) format or .html (Wecontact usTb page) format. The Acrobat version is preferred but may require the reader, downloadable at The Excel version can be filled out electronically (on some browsers), then printed. The HTML version is readable by any browser, but is least likely to display correctly. If you prefer we can send you a hard copy. If so, please send us an email or call us at (510) 845-5576.



  1. Works must be on the subject of disability.
  2. Work must have been produced within the last 10 calendar years (since January 1, 2023 for entry in Superfest XXVII in 2007).
  3. Entries for Superfest XXVII must be postmarked on or before January 15th, 2007, no exceptions.
  4. All submissions must be in one of the following formats a)NTSC VHS video or b) NTSC DVD Region 1
  5. Superfest strongly encourages filmmakers to provide captioning and audio description so that films are accessible to the widest possible audience.



Base Rates

Film Length Cost $
30 minutes or less 60.00
over 30 minutes 90.00


Criteria Discount $
Early Bird submissions
(postmarked before 1/3/2023)
Shoestring productions
(self-distributing and budget less than $10,000)

Discounts are cumulative, so you could save up to $30 on each entry. We do not have any discounts for multiple entries.


  1. Complete the 3-page entry form.
  2. Pull the record tabs on the VHS entries.
    • We haven't recorded over an entry yet, but accidents do happen...
  3. Place tapes or DVDs in a hard, plastic case.
    • We have had submissions arrive damaged in shipping.
  4. Check all information and totals on the entry form.
  5. Place submissions, entry forms, entry fee, return postage and a return-address label in a shipping container.
    • We recommend a box rather than an envelope, to protect your entries.
    • If you want your entries returned, include a return-address label and postage.
  6. Write your return address clearly on the package.
  7. Mail to:
    Superfest Film Festival
    P.O. Box 1107
    Berkeley, CA 94701-1107
  8. Wait for the results!
    • If you would like to confirm receipt of the package, send us an e-mail to [email protected] when your package goes out, and we will reply as soon as we get it at the Post Office

Final notes:

Judging takes place in Spring 2007, and winners will be announced on or around April 1st, 2007. Winners will be screened in the SF Bay Area in June 2007, and all entries will be listed in the festival catalogue. Winners will be asked to provide still production photos and tape copies for publicity purposes.


This festival is funded solely by entry fees and small grants.

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