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SUPERFEST International Media Festival on Disabilities is an annual media festival produced by Culture! Disability! Talent! (CDT). SUPERFEST honors works that positively and realistically portray the disability experience or warrant technical merit. The following contains a list and description of the award winners of SUPERFEST XXI (2001).

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Superfest XXI Award Winner's List

Best of Festival

Spirit of Superfest

Awards of Excellence

Achievement Awards

Merit Awards

Certificate of Appreciation
(later named the Audience Access Award)

Description of Award Winners

Title: Body Talk
Producer: Cheryl Marie Wade, Diane Maroger
Distributor: Cheryl Marie Wade / [email protected]
Content: "Body Talk" - In a short poetry performance, Cheryl Marie Wade, and award-winning writer and performer, shares her poems of sensuality, intimacy, and identity.
Superfest Award(s): Achievement Award
Purchase Price: $25.00 - $50.00
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Dissonance
Producer: Mitchell Kezin
Distributor: Mabooshi Film Company
Content: Driven by an evocative jazz score, "Dissonance" tells the story of Barry, a piano player who is listening for love in the Voice Personals.
Superfest Award(s): Achievement Award
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Title: ENABLE: People with Disabilities & Computers
Producer: Microsoft - ATG
Distributor: Microsoft - ATG / Ellen Mosner / [email protected]
Content: "Enable: People with Disabilities & Computers," and award winning 60-minute documentary produced by Microsoft Accessible Technology Group (ATG), highlights personal stories of how computers and technology empower people with disabilities in employment, school, and leisure.
Superfest Award(s): Certificate of Appreciation
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Feeling Space
Producer: Project Ability
Distributor: Project Ability / Iain Piercy / [email protected]
Content: "Feeling Space" - Brian Baistow and Tommy Cannon have had no sight from birth. In this documentary they talk about how they use their other senses, touch, sound and smell to find their way around Glasgow, giving an interesting insight into their perceptions of this Scottish city's architecture and sculpture.
Superfest Award(s): Merit Award
Purchase Price: $5.00
Rental Price: N/A

Title: I Keep on Walking
Producer: Anthony Tenczar
Distributor: Anthony Tenczar / [email protected]
Content: "I Keep on Walking" - 70 year old Maggie Brownell is one of a generation of women with mental retardation who were systematically segregated from society for most of their lives. This documentary explores Ms. Brownell's struggle to reclaim her life, and through that exploration we discover a period of medical history influenced by eugenics, commonly referred to as the "Genetic Scare."
Superfest Award(s): Merit Award
Purchase Price: TBD
Rental Price: TBD

Title: Kids Just Want to Have Fun
Producer: David Decker, Mercury Productions, Inc.
Distributor: Ideascape, Inc. / [email protected]
Content: "Kuds Just Want to Have Fun!" - A thought-provoking video designed to support children with physical differences and educate their peers. It focuses on differences rather than handicaps and disabilities. It features children with various differnces who talk openly about their lives, as we see them enjoying many different activities.
Superfest Award(s): Best of Festival
Purchase Price: $15.00
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Love is a Hemorrhage
Producer: John R. Killacky
Distributor: John R. Killacky / [email protected]
Content: "Love is a Hemorrhage" is a performative video of Judy Smith who directs Axis Dance Company, a mixed ability dance ensemble based in Oakland.
Superfest Award(s): Merit Award
Purchase Price: TBD
Rental Price: TBD

Title: Parade
Producer: Susan Nussbaum
Distributor: Susan Nussbaum / [email protected]
Content: "Parade" is a short, comedic conversation between two disabled women set in the near future. In this future society, coercive euthanasia is celebrated as a humane method of maintaining economic and political stability. The women cheerfully try to negotiate their own survival in a world where their position grows more precarious by the moment.
Superfest Award(s): Spirit Award, Award of Excellence
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Peak Practice: Walls of Jericho
Producer: Phil Collinson
Distributor: Carlton International / Louise Sexton / [email protected]
Content: In "Walls of Jericho", fromt he medical drama series Peak Practice, an 18 year old girl with Downs Syndrome starts a sexual relationship with another resident in the "assisted independence" home where she's recently moved. Her doctor prescribes contraceptives, but her mother feels that she shouldn't be having sex at all.
Superfest Award(s): Achievement Award
Purchase Price: By negotiation
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Pelswick: DRAW
Producer: Nelvana
Distributor: Nickelodeon / Michele Moore / [email protected]
Content: "Pelswick" is Nickelodeon's breakthrough animated series about a 13-year old boy who uses a wheelchair and attends his neighborhood school. Pelswick was created by syndicated cartoonist and author John Callahan (who also serves as Executive Producer). Since his launch on October 24, 2000, Pelswick has shattered stereotypes about kids with disabilities.
Superfest Award(s): Award of Excellence
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Sandy Dukat: Paralympic Hopeful
Producer: Kati Rooney, Melissa Taylor
Distributor: Rivet Media / Maki Rooney, Melissa Taylor / [email protected]
Content: "Sandy Dukat: Paralympic Hopeful" - Sandy Dukat, an above the knee amputee, is a 2002 Paralympic Ski Team hopeful. In this profile, Sandy bikes, swims, rollerblades, runs, and lifts weights as she talks about being an athlete and an amputee. While a committed athlete, her long term goal is to work with amputee kids.
Superfest Award(s): Merit Award
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Title: Through Riley's Eyes
Producer: Sue Turner-Cray
Distributor: Sue Turner-Cray / [email protected]
Content: "Through Riley's Eyes" - We as human beings are faced with different choices every day. Without choice we are powerless. Riley, a jazz trumpet player stricken with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease), never expected to be faced with this one.
Superfest Award(s): Merit Award
Purchase Price: $15.00
Rental Price: N/A

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