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SUPERFEST International Media Festival on Disabilities is an annual media festival produced by Culture! Disability! Talent! (CDT). SUPERFEST honors works that positively and realistically portray the disability experience or warrant technical merit. The following contains a list and description of the award winners of SUPERFEST XXII (2002).

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Superfest XXII Award Winner's List

Best of Festival

Spirit Award

Award of Excellence

Achievement Award

Merit Awards

Access Award


Description of Award Winners

Title: Black Light Dreams: 25 years of the Famous People Players
Award: Excellence
Description: Celebrating the silver anniversary of Famous People Players, Canada's internationally renowned black light theatre troupe! The company of mentally handicapped adults wows audiences worldwide and runs a dinner theatre and workshop in Toronto. Their inspirational story is told with archival performance footage, scenes from productions, celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes vignettes.
Running Time: 48:44
Producer: Barbara Barde & Stuart Goodman, Take 3 Productions, Inc.
Distributor: Minds Eye International (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Contact Info:

Take 3 Productions
49 Spadina Ave, Ste 302
Toronto Ontario M5V 2J1 Canada
416 595-5850
[email protected]

Title: Crip Shots
Awards: Best of Festival, Spirit
Description: Performative portraits of six artists with disabilities.
Running Time: 17:00
Producer: John R. Killacky
Distributor: John R. Killacky
Contact Info:

355 Buena Vista East #607 W
San Francisco CA 94117
415 861-7804
[email protected]

Title: Explore Your Future - Job Categories
Award: Acheivement
Description: The career categories video is an educational tool. This video is used to teach the concept of career categories as developed by the theory of John Holland. There are six career categories are presented in the video. Deaf professionals are showcased in the video. Each professional talks about their career, skills required, and the environment in which they work.
Running Time: 18:22
Producor: National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Distributor: National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Contact Info:

52 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester NY 14623
585 475-6535
[email protected]

Title: Learning to Act in Partnership: Women with Disabilities Speak to Health Professionals
Award: Excellence
Description: This video, conceived by women with disabilities working in partnership with healthcare providers, addresses the dearth of training materials around disability and women's health. The messae is centered in the voices of the women ans organized in five sections: 1. Access barriers, 2. Sexuality & reproductive health, 3. Mental health & domestic violence, 4. Aging, 5. Public policy.
Running Time: 38:00
Producer: Dr Carol Gill / Health Resource Center for Women with Disabilities
Distributor: The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Contact Info:

345 E Superior St
Chicago IL 60611
312 238-4744
[email protected]

Title: Losing It
Award: Acheivement
Description: This cross-cultural documentary, filmed on four continents, explores the lives of people who live with physical disability, revealing their aspirations and realities. Through her sensitive interviews and an evocative visual style, director Sharon Greytak weaves a story of resilience, vulnerability and the everyday struggle to cary out a sense of purpose and worth.
Running Time: 90:00
Producer: Sharon Greytak
Distributor: The Cinema Guild, inc
Contact Info:

130 Madison Ave 2nd Floor
New York NY 10016-7038
212 685-6242
[email protected]

Title: Meet Us Where We Are
Awards: Access, Merit
Description: A training video for disability advocates to increase awareness about services available for victims of crime with disability
Running Time: 14:40
Producer: Robyn Mercurio
Distributor: Video / Action
Contact Info:

1000 Potomac St, NW Suite 202
Washington DC 20007
202 338-1094
[email protected]

Title: Moving On - Show #1
Award: Merit
Description: Moving On tells stories about people with disabilities finding ways to live more independently. Moving On covers the workplace, health, relationships, arts and entertanment, technology, sports and recreation. The audience sees people with disabilities as capable human beings, able to make their own choices and to lead lives of their own design.
Running Time : 22:34
Producer: Doug Caldwell
Distributor: CBC Television
Contact Info:

205 Wellington Street West
Toronto ON M5V 3G7 Canada
416 205-3565
[email protected]

Title: Our Own Best Advocates: Breast Health for Women with Disabilities
Award: Merit
Description: Dr. Sandra Welner, a woman with a disability and a trained gynecologist, has developed customized breast "self" examination techniques to provide early detection practices for women with upper body disabilities and their partners. This first-of-its-kind instructional video tape demonstrates these potentially life saving techniques.
Running Time: 14:00
Producers: Jennifer Crescenzo and Betsy Cox
Distributor: Video / Action
Contact Info:

1000 Potomac St, NW Suite 202
Washington DC 20007
212 338-1094
[email protected]

Title: Refrigerator Mothers
Award: Acheivement
Description: From the 1950's through the 1970's, mothers of autistic children were accused by the medical establishment of cold, detached mothering - presumably the root cause of their children's bizarre behaviors. We now know that autism is a neurological disorder, but the truth came too late for these mothers and their children. These are their stories.
Running Time: 53:00
Producer: J.J. Hanley, Kartemquin Educational FIlms
Distributor: TBD
Contact Info:

1901 W Wellington
Chicago IL 60657
847 256-7966
[email protected]

Title: Still Life Giving
Award: Merit
Description: "Still Life Giving" takes a look into another side of the art world where rules mean nothing and open minds are fertile ground. In this visually rich half hour documnetary Yuri Arajs, a traditionally trained artist introduces us to the unique visions of collage artist Anne Grgich, sculptor Tim Fowler, painters Helen Brom and John Hillier, and in so doing challenges us all on our ideas and responses to the age-old question: what is art?
Running Time: 24:00
Producer: Nora Arajs
Distributor: Moving Images Distribution
Contact Info:

402 West Pender St, #606
Vancouver BC V6B 1T6 Canada
250 386-3182
[email protected]

Title: Travelling
Award: Merit
Description: Five friends on their way to a party. no problem... except if you use a wheelchair and encounter bratty kids / parents, steps or if you're blind and your cab driver has an attitude problem, or you might just meet the neighbour from hell...
Running Time: 14:44
Producer: Shoot Your Mouth Off
Distributor: Cleveland Arts
Contact Info:

2nd Floor, Melrose House
Melrose St
Middlesbrough TS25 5AF England
01642 264651
[email protected]

Title: Visual Music: Expanding on Closed Caption Television
Award: Access
Description: A Master's Thesis: 2 music videos, using the same song, were designed for the deaf. It is an attempt to find out what style of visuals and typography will help the deaf "hear" a song and enjoy a music video for all it's worth.
Running Time: 7:50
Producer: Gregg A. Brokaw
Contact Info:

1643 N Milwaukee Ave 3rd Floor
Chicago IL 60647
773 398-4745
[email protected]

For additional information on the films and producers, please contact us at [email protected].

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