Descriptions of Superfest Classics (in alphabetical order)


About Love (Russia)
Superfest Award: 2006 EXCELLENCE OC
Producer: Tofik Shakhverdiev
Director: Tofik Shakhverdiev
Contact: Denise Roza [email protected]
Synopsis: A popular documentary in Russia, it is comprised of a series of humorous, unsentimental interviews of Moscow primary schoolchildren with disabilities about their surprisingly rich love lives. Varied in their disabilities and home lives, these charmingly loquacious children all have in common deeply held opinions about love, their large number of boyfriends and girlfriends and the most effective approaches to courtship. Skilled director, Tofik Shakhverdiev's, camera never looks down upon the children and so it's their world we enter, allowing them the freedom to be exactly who they are: natural and tenacious storytellers.
Sale Price: Contact filmmaker
Rental Price: N/A

Annie Dearest (USA)
Superfest Award: 2003 EXCELLENCE & SPIRIT OC
Producers: Diane Wilkins Productions & Mickee Faust Films
Directors: Terry Galloway & Diane Wilkins
Contact: Diane Wilkins [email protected]
Synopsis: A short video parody of the disability classic, "The Miracle Worker." Satirizing the often brutal "teaching" relationship between deaf and blin d Helen Keller and her mentor Annie Sullivan, the video features gallons and gallons of wah-wah.
Sale Price: Private Use: $29.00 & Institutional Use: $129.99
Rental Price: N/A

Assistive Technology Boogie (USA)
Superfest Award: 2005 AUDIENCE ACCESS OC, AD
Producer: Jim Tobias
Director: Jim Tobias
Contact: Jim Tobias [email protected]
Synopsis: This 3 minute short produced by Jim Tobias uses computer pop-up animation and a catchy musical score to present a lighthearted "wish list" for the ideal assistive technology: "Make it rugged, tough, and sexy; make it trendy..." Assistive Technology Boogie, with its fast pace, quirky images and snappy humor, makes learning about assistive technologies, like captioning and augmentative communication, fun and easy for people of all ages.
Sale Price: $10 plus shipping
Rental Price: N/A

Beyond Disability: the Fefe Stories (USA)
Superfest Awards: 2005 ACHIEVEMENT & SPIRIT OC
Producer: The Empowered Fefes
Director: Salome Chasnoff
Contact: Salome Chasnoff [email protected]
Synopsis: Produced by a group of young females (Fefe’s) with various disabilities who are involved in a mentoring program in Chicago, this 26 minute documentary explores their lives with gusto, humor and attitude. Director Salome Chasnoff keeps the pace as lively as her engaging young women subjects. The Fefe’s interweave their personal stories with stats about disability and take to the streets to check out people's attitudes.
Sale Price: Individual Use: $40.00, Small Organization Use: $100.00 & Institutional Use: $200.00
Rental Price: N/A

Disability Culture Rap (USA)
Producers: Jerry Smith & Cheryl Wade
Director: Jerry Smith
Contact: Mary Kay Kennedy [email protected]
Synopsis: Featuring poet/activist/performer Cheryl Marie Wade, we take a fresh look at disability in America. Not the usual anthropological study of disabled people as specimens, here we assume that, Yes, Virginia, there is a disability culture, marked by a flat out, no apologies celebration of difference.
Sale Price: $149.95
Rental Price: N/A

“Hose,” “Cards,” & “Water Balloons”-PSAs (USA)
Producer: Mark Conly
Director: Sean Ehringer
Contact: Jacqueline Garrett [email protected]
Synopsis: Three wry Public Service Announcements produced in cooperation with the Personal Assistance Crisis Team (PACT) in Berkeley, California, to recruit attendants and increase awareness about attendant work.
Sale Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Kiss My Wheels (USA)
Superfest Award: 2003 EXCELLENCE CC
Producers: Miguel Grunstein & Dale Kruzic
Directors: Miguel Grunstein & Dale Kruzic
Contact: Nicole Johnson [email protected]
Synopsis: A nationally ranked junior wheelchair basketball team takes us through an extraordinary season of training and national tournament competition, living with disability on a rollercoaster of life, death and rebirth. It's about playing the game. It's about being yourself.
Sale Price: Individual Use: $249.99 & Institutional Use: $89.00
Rental Price: $69.00/day

Superfest Award: 2004 EXCELLENCE OC
Producers: Edna & Elinor Kowarsky, Eden Productions
Director: Shahar Rozen
Contact: Estty Sade [email protected]
Synopsis: This intimate 53-minute documentary about the complex friendship between a disabled, elderly Holocaust survivor and a disabled, German disability researcher was produced by Edna Kowarsky and directed by renowned Israeli filmmaker Shahar Rozen. Romanian-born Perla Ovitz and her family, most of whom were of short stature, survived the German concentration camps only because the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele wanted to use them for experiments. Following the war the family moved to Israel. German born Hannelore Witkovsky, also short statured, is investigating what happened to people with disabilities in the camps. Shot in Germany and Israel, Liebe Perla explores two women's very different lives with exceptional sensitivity and depth.
Sale Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

Pelswick: DRAW (USA)
Superfest Award: 2001 EXCELLENCE CC
Producer: Nelvana
Contact: Nelvana
Synopsis: "Pelswick" is Nickelodeon's breakthrough animated series about a 13-year old boy who uses a wheelchair and attends his neighborhood school. Pelswick was created by syndicated cartoonist and author John Callahan, who was himself paralyzed by a car accident at the age of 21. Since his launch on October 24, 2000, Pelswick has shattered stereotypes about kids with disabilities.

Sale Price: N/A
Rental Price: N/A

The Power of 504 (USA)
Superfest Award: 1998 MERIT CC, AD
Producer: Dan Veltri
Contact: Susan Henderson [email protected]
Synopsis: This video illustrates the events leading up to and including the historic 26-day sit-in for disability civil rights at the San Francisco Federal Building in 1977, resulting in the signing of the 504 Regulations, the first Federal Civil Rights Law protecting people with disabilities It includes media coverage of the sit-in itself, as well as interviews with the organizers and participants.
Sale Price: $25.00 plus $3.00 Standard Shipping
Rental Price: N/A

Raymond's Portrait (USA)
Superfest Award: 1999 ACHIEVEMENT CC
Producer: Donald Young
Director: Donald Young
Contact: Nicole Johnson [email protected]
Synopsis: "Raymond's Portrait" is an intimate profile of a young painter born with Down Syndrome. At the age of 19, Raymond Hu has already had numerous solo exhibits, published a book, and even been honored in the Congressional Record. This documentary also traces the challenges and rewards of being one of the first full-inclusion special education students in his high school.
Sale Price: Individual Use: $179.00 & Institutional Use: $89.00
Rental Price: $69.00/day

Wood Diary (USA)
Superfest Award: 2006 BEST OF FESTIVAL No Words
Producer: David Edwin Meyers
Director: David Edwin Meyers
Contact: David Edwin Meyers [email protected]
Synopsis: Artist David Edwin Myers' gentle, dreamlike interpretation of the life of Walker Woods, an isolated rural artist with a disability, who creates haunting wood figures, is a transcendent and shimmering reflection on the beauty of ritual and the power of unconditional love and commitment. Using silent, snowy landscapes, intimate camera angles and a delicate, evocative score, Myers gives us a stunning, visual poem that attests to the value of the unexamined life.
Sale Price: $15.00 plus tax
Rental Price: N/A

Youth Speaks segment from KQED's series SPARK (USA)
Superfest Award: 2005 MERIT CC
Producer: : Howard Shack & the Bay Area Video Coalition
Contact: Louise Lo [email protected]
Synopsis: This entertaining 12 minute 20 second segment from KQED's Bay Area weekly arts magazine SPARK introduces us to the slammin' world of slam poetry. Produced by Howard Shack and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), this segment of the PBS series follows two young poets involved in the local Youth Speaks, program as they prepare and then compete in a regional slam where winners earn the chance to go on to the nationals. Full of passion and promise, these talented poets, one of whom is Emiliano Borgois-Chacon, a local teenager with cerebral palsy, will have you cheering and wanting more.
Sale Price: N/A
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