Website links for PEPPERS, Allies and Resources

(and others we think people might want to know about, especially in california)


Lynn Manning is an award winning playwright, poet, athlete and actor. He has been a California arts Council's Artist In Residence with the Mark Taper Forum in Southern California. |

Frank Moore was breaking in new territory of artistic adventuring long before many performers with disabilities knew they were performers.  A controversial artist on Jessie Helms' hit list, he lives in Berkeley, Ca. |

David Roche lives in Marin, CA., and is the founder of the Church of 80% Sincerity.  He performs his one man shows internationally and has been one of California Arts Council's Touring Artists. |

Tristan Thunderbolt is a Deaf performer, public speaker and more.  He frequently pops up in theatre productions around the San Francisco Bay area and is always a delight to watch perform. |

Pamela Walker is returning to making art after several years of doing Art Administrative work.  She has been a union actress, a writer, a video producer and editor, and a closet fine-artist.  She lives in Berkeley, CA. |


NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER FOR BLIND MUSICIANS is located in Connecticut. The Center provides information and referral services regarding Braille music, technology, and strategies that enable people with vision related disabilities to study music in school or college settings. Locally, the center offers private tutorial workshops on an as needed basis.

The Center also reaches out beyond Connecticut to share its experience and information regarding blindness and music education with students, professional musicians, parents, and teachers. |

Traingosorry is a listing of Deaf events, art and what not in the SF Bay area. |

For additional information on PEP productions, please contact us at [email protected].